Georges Dumitresco, doctor and painter





"We couldn't differentiate between Dr. Dumitresco's personality, the capable and dedicated medical doctor, from the passionate and audacious Artist. Detached from any presumptions that could restrict his style and any pre-established programs or formulas, the Artist expresses himself with a total freedom. The Doctor's diagnosis is replaced by the Artist's; even though I have unlimited confidence in "the doctor", I do favor The Artist, because, The Artist's diagnosis such as his  design images - touching and vigorous at once, with generous colors, always expresses - heroic or tragic, serene or sad, happy or bitter - the triumph of Life!"        Horia Horsina


After an interview with Doctor Dumitrsco, you find yourself enriched with durable and profound emotions. In his persona, you find the men of science, who's using his knowledge to widen the artist's horizon, or the painter that brings to the doctor the comfort of a free creation, but over all it's the Man who's searching through the Science and the Art, the Laws of Life, that translates the quest of a burning soul, on a path of his capricious destiny"    Nell Cobar


 Dumitresco's Art


"Georges Dumitresco has alone, filled fifty years of pictorial culture, using  his creative intelligence to the evolution process of Contemporary Art, overthrown by insatiable research of the New. The transition from a technique to an other, with his symbolic allusions, spirited freedom of language, with a distinctive expressionist impression, gives to his feelings an exalting participation, sometimes darken by Picasso's gray sometimes lighten by the ray within him, undeniably worthy of a  Romanian originated painter honoring in the same time the French culture.                 Italo Carlo Sesti                                                                                   


 Georges Dumitresco is a passionate and indefatigable creator, that brings to life through different techniques, and all of them admirably mastered, design, or oil painting, or tapestry, or glass painting, or  bronze engravings. The Art it's a dialog with himself, with the world.   R.Kunzil 


The Art represents, for Georges Dumitersco, a refuge and in the same time a response to several philosophical puzzles and metaphysics that follows him. His Art is tormented, as his personal life- his graphic art is sometimes tragic and sharp. Spontaneous, generous, sensitive and communicative he's incarnates an authentic representative of Latin-Romania.     Al Torella  




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